Project Description

Grab the crew, finish your pint and take down Victor Von Velociraptor before his Regal Rituals destroy the world.
“TRROTRRRO:HWLTSWALTD” is a fast-paced 4-player co-op top-down twin-sticker romp.

Each player is given one of the 4 characters to play as;
Gavin – The Fireman (Put out the fires!)
Shaz – The Tradie (Repair the buildings!)
Daryl – The Demolition Man (Destroy the Dino-Obelisks!)
Brad – The Dermatologist (Collect medical samples, blow up Victor Von Velociraptor’s temple!)

The players must work together to keep out of each other’s way whilst accomplishing their own goals, all contributing to the team’s winning condition – destruction of the Raptor army.

Move – Left Stick
Aim – Right Stick
Shoot – Bumpers/trigger