Jump back behind the wheel with the art of rally: australia dlc,
and buckle up for a memorable off-road adventure as we take you on a tour down under.

• 6 stunning new tracks to race on - from pavement to dusty trails, eucalyptus forest to fields
• 1 massive new free roam stage full of new terrain to explore
• 4 new cars to master - from nimble hatchbacks to rugged sedans
• 2 new head bopping tracks, recorded with a didgeridoo by Tatreal
• New friends! Look out for kangaroos and emus on your journey

As Technical Producer at Funselektor I was in charge of Project
Management for the DLC development and release.

Production responsibilities:
• Milestone & timeline planning
• Managing third party console porting teams
• Managing third party mobile porting teams
• Building production pipelines and processes
• Studio wide ticket planning and management
• Team management, including regular 1:1 meetings and reviews, and daily stand-ups
• A focus on team culture
• Building and managing DevOps pipelines
• Assisting with community management
• Building and managing core studio development libraries
• Managing QA workflows