Fortunes of the Brave is a competitive arcade battle arena game played from a third person perspective.
Customise your character and fight off hordes of fantasy creatures each with their own strengths
and weaknesses, racking up a score until you face off against one of the game's key bosses.

• 3 player classes
• 20 enemy types to face off against
• 4 arenas to battle in, each with their own boss battle
• Over 450 pieces of equipment to collect
• 6 spells to use
• Level up your character to unlock new weapons and armour

Key gameplay developer across all systems of the game.

Responsibilities include:
• Robust third person character controller
• Juicy, functional UI interactions for character customisation and inventory/skill management
• Optimisation
• Player progression and inventory systems
• Large post launch updates
• Custom hardware and platform integration